My interest in photography piqued at age 10, a time when I went everywhere with a New Kids on the Block t-shirt and my hot pink 110 camera. Yes...that was me. Playtime fashion photographer with dressed up friends eventually progressed into high school yearbook photographer and then into college where I earned my degree in Portrait and Commercial photography in 2001. Over 20 years of playing and 15 years of working in film and digital photography, is assurance of not only my passion but also my knowledge and experience. Everyday I learn something new and I continue to fall more in love with my craft.
I value family and relationships above all else and seek to provide you with images that capture your connections with loved ones ♥

​* photo by Lauren Tomasella Photography


My name is Amanda but I am "Mom" to a sweet young man named Elliot who is now taller than me! He is my biggest fan despite his distaste for being photographed himself (must have been the camera in his face his entire life)! Inspired each day by the child's mind, I understand first-hand the treasure in a photograph that showcases your child's true spirit and captures them at those precious milestones that pass by so quickly. Additionally I am a HOPELESS ROMANTIC and absolutely LOVE LOVE ♥ Capturing love between a couple, family, siblings, and friends brings my heart pure joy ♥